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A Note From Our Director

The men and women at SHASCOM work hard every day, making sure the people of Shasta County and its first responders are safe.  Being a 9-1-1 dispatcher is one of those special careers where you leave work many days wondering why you continue to subject yourself to the pain, stress and difficulties of the job, yet find yourself proud of what you do and the difference you make.

Unlike dispatchers in large cities where most, if not all of your callers are strangers, SHASCOM’s dispatchers have the unique experience of taking 9-1-1 calls from family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers from within the community.  I believe this gives our staff an enhanced level of pride and commitment to handle each and every call with a degree of professionalism that is unmatched at any of the other centers in which I’ve worked. 

I hope that this webpage provides you with some insight into your 9-1-1 center and the people who work here.  Please feel free to contact us if there is any information on this webpage that is outdated or missing so we can keep it as relevant as possible.

James Divis
ShasCom Director